100 Lap Memory Stopwatch

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With the sensibly configured functionality and crisp button action The Ultrak 495 is popular with rowing and swimming coaches along with other coaches alike. Due to not having an automatic split release along with no segregated memory it is easy to use, yet still precise. Features a chip that allows the watch to take splits from within “recall” mode. 

      • Choice between the running event time and the running lap time (button on bottom row)
      • 100 dual split recallable memory
      • Measures up to 10 hours
      • Continuous display of event time
      • Allows for split in recall mode
      • Time/calendar/alarm functions
      • Water-resistant

Do not be fooled by similar looking watches, the Ultrak 495 boosts the premium combination of usability, value, and combination.


    • 100 dual split recallable memory
    • Memory recall during operation
    • Takes splits from within recall mode
    • Time, calendar and alarm
    • Water resistant; lithium battery